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Fitonutrient, created in 1997 when partners start a business in the fertilizer sector.

It is in 1999 when the first facilities available that allow us to begin to formulate our own products. Over fifteen years dedicated to meeting the needs and problems of nutritional aspect in modern agriculture with the aim of bringing solutions to farmers. Reason that has led to the creation of a catalog of products that have always pondered the component quality, efficiency and field response to profitability. These are the standards by which we move forward: provide excellent nutrients bumper crops to our customers, the key: profitability.

Fitonutrient, a company close, open, versatile, fast service, offers its specialties, its high concentration of nutrients in active materials.


Ranked by groups according to the purpose they are intended to have:

Both foliar fertilizers initiation, development or strengthening.

Biostimulants amino acids encompassing both animal and vegetable, rooting, seaweed extracts.

The correction of deficiencies that provide essential micronutrients for plants both foliar and root.

Specific fertilizers which try to encourage in times of greatest need of a key plant immediately.

The phosphites, products that promote the formation of self-defense.

Specialities include fertilizers where also provide other properties in preparations where they are used, drying properties of snails and slugs, nematicidal properties, dispersant, wetting agents, pH buffering or regulating it, etc..